Beckett's Flat

Beckett's Flat is a truly boutique vineyard in the heart of the Margaret River.  Wines are produced only from grapes grown on the Beckett’s Flat vineyard estate using largely organic practices and are processed in the well-equipped winery just a stone’s throw from the vines.

Beckett’s Flat has been producing kosher wine since 1998. From very small beginnings they quickly cemented their place in the kosher wine market. Initially marketed as Beckett’s Flat, in 2007 the kosher range was rebranded as FIVE STONES.

FIVE STONES premium wines are produced without the use of animal products so they are suitable for everyone, including vegans. The wines are fruit-driven and true to variety, some enhanced with the use of quality French oak.

The philosophy at Beckett’s Flat is to produce the very best wine possible from each vintage, for your enjoyment.
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