Le Verre de Vin Portable Tower - dual still wine and sparkling wine/champagne (BC06P)

Rs 162,800

The new Le Verre de Vin Portable Tower is without doubt the world’s most flexible, commercial-grade still wine and Champagne preservation system – and has been designed with input from globally renowned wine makers.

The Portable Tower is compact, easy to transport and does not require any permanent installation - just place it on a stable surface and plug in.

  • No permanent installation required, easy and compact to transport and set up – just plug in and play
  • Proven Le Verre de Vin still wine and Champagne preservation technology
  • Fully enclosed precision engineered unit, delivering proven reliability
  • Includes an integral chamber for a pre-set bespoke CO2 regulator and 425g CO2 cylinder
  • Preserves an unlimited number of opened bottles for up to 21 days
  • Ideal 21st century service - poured in front of the customer, direct from bottle to glass (‘Perfect Serve’)
  • Automatic cut off to ensure optimum preservation each and every time
  • Fitted with contemporary multi light resealing nozzles - choose from 7 different colours
  • Interactive reseal process: the nozzles turn amber, before changing green when the bottle is re-sealed
  • Minimal space requirement

The Portable Tower’s flexible nature makes it the Le Verre de Vin system of choice in an unlimited range of temporary and permanent applications – the perfect partner for any wine distributor or merchant.

Still Wine - by removing the oxygen to a precisely controlled level Le Verre de Vin technology effectively preserves wine without any risk to its subtle structure.

Sparkling & Champagne - preventing release of the naturally occurring CO2 is key to ensuring that the fizz stays locked in the wine and any issue of oxidation is eliminated.

Dual still wine and champagne - incorporating both technologies into one Tower unit.

Supplied with 20 still wine stoppers, 10 screw top stoppers and 6 Champagne stoppers